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Performance Dashboard

Information on-line and on-time. Automated metrics and financials securely displayed to you and your team in near real-time. Speed information to all your departments/branches while eliminate manual reporting. Use your existing accounting and CRM systems. Customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Creates accountability among your managers with roles based access.
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One-time, fixed-price assessment of your enterprise to help you reduce costs, manage risk, and scale your business. Includes actionable recommendations by industry experts for immediate impact on your bottom line. Our cross-disciplinary team includes professionals in finance, technology, business to business marketing, client acquisition, and operations.
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Business Solutions

Custom development, implementation, and monitoring of software systems.
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Mortgage Analytics

Online metrics and financial reports that are dedicated to the mortgage business.
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Product Planning

Use the "Lean" process to identify opportunities and reduce risk. Marketing research to quantify and opportunities.
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Complexity Simplified

"5x is really good at understanding, reducing, and simplifying complex business problems"

Our Method


Identify Problem

We survey stake holders first. Then we identify the risks and opportunities associated with our solution. We keep drilling down and incorporate feedback until we achieve clarity.

If you can't understand the problem you can't solve it. Ok, that sounds obvious. But organizations proceed from the assumption that they already know what to solve for effectively skipping this step. That's where we come in.


Craft Solutions

Our simple, elegant solutions can take the form of software, work-flow, data analytics, or marketing.

We shorten the feedback loop by getting input from end-users along the way. This allows us to make small course corrections and build confidence among the stake holders.



Our post production management and maintenance strategies will enhance the usability and life of the product.

We monitor our solutions and learn how to improve it based on usage patterns and feedback from end users and stakeholders.

The Team

We Have Worked on Hundreds of Projects Together Over the Past 15 Years

Ron de Frates

Ron de Frates

Mandy Meadows

Mandy Meadows

John D. Beneventi

John D. Beneventi

Clients and Major Projects

Selected Projects

What We've Done / What We are Working On

The principles of 5X Solutions have broad experience over many industries. Click on the types of projects below to learn more about examples of their most important work.

What Our Clients Say

We Are Happy About Every Review

Facts About Us

Numbers Don't Lie
  • 16
    Years the team has worked together
  • 63
  • $6.3 million
    Total Billings


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